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Channel Seven reality TV show titled Restaurant Revolution has commenced filming at the pop up restaurant in Victoria Square and due to air shortly. It’s been confirmed that Adelaide-based chef, Jock Zonfrillo, is the national host of the show, resulting in additional shoots in Adelaide at his Rundle Street restaurant. Adelaide Crew engaged on the project are Carly Maple (Adelaide Bureau Unit Manager), Cathy Small (Safety), Tracy Phillpot (Makeup/Hair), Graeme Shelton (Gaffer), Dave Smith (Generator/Elex Assistant), John Smith (Grip), Geoff Tarr (Standby Props), SarahMcDonald (Camera Assistant) Travis Williamson (Tech Assistant) and Emma Marshall (Runner). Carly says of her Reality TV experience: “I learned very quickly that ‘Restaurant Revolution’ really meant ‘Rollercoaster Ride’… and I have been hanging on for dear life ever since. Every day is a surprise.”

Feature film Boys in Trees is confirmed with Sally Clarke PM, Emma Marshall Prod Secretary, Robert Webb Designer, Geoff Tarr Standby. It is a 5 week shoot from 14 Sept.  Director: Nick Verso (Melbourne) Producers: Kate Croser, Sandy Cameron, John Molloy (Melbourne) DOP: Marden Dean (Sydney – who shot Infinite Man)

The Clayton Glen/Sharyn Pancione low budget film Raise the Bar starts shooting next week with Sally Clarke as Production Manager, Emma Marshall – Production Secretary, David Wilkinson- Art Department.

Crew News

I would like to welcome back to my list Sarah Abbey and Anita Seiler. Sarah has returned from Sydney and has been busy working on some locations for TVC’s and travelled to Coober Pedy in her search. Anita has been busy in the last couple of years working as Costume Designer on the Versus videos and feature Month of Sundays.

Bayley Broome-Peake is booked on the SBS series season 2 of Poh & Co starting this week as B/2nd Camera Operator. Also look out for a new People Choice Credit Union TVC shot and directed by Bayley which is due to air soon. Annalisa Francesca also worked on it as props buyer.

Nicole Coppi  – is in  Melbourne working on the web series Footballer Wants a Wife- in her first Costume Design role. Nicole is then going on to a feature Circle Work as Costume Supervisor.

Also in Melbourne is Erica Brien working as Art Director on the final block of Series 4 House Husbands.


Olivia Iacobelli– has just returned from what sounds like a dream gig  – working in the costume department on a cruise around Japan.

Justin Van Zyl  had a wonderful time working as 2nd Unit Grip with Ernie Clarke ACS on Blue Dog in the Pilbara. Blue Dog Producer Nelson Woss  says “This is a coming-of-age story about a community, a young boy Mick (Levi Miller), his family and a scrappy, one-of-a-kind pup that will change his life forever.”

Blue Dog PilbaraMick (Levi Miller) on Blue Dog set

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