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After a very quiet year at last it is getting busy again and 2015 should finish with a bit of a bang.

Boys in Trees is now in pre production with an October shoot.  Sally Clarke – Production Manager, Emma Marshall  – Production Coordinator,  Geoff Tarr-  Standby, Annalisa Francesca – Props Buyer, Heather Wallace – Standby, DesKenneally – Sound Recordist, Brad Lanyon – 1st AD,  Marcus Bosisto – Grip, Matt Richardson – Grip Asst, Ian Routledge – BITT

Wolf Creek TV series is also crewing up for October 19th to commence an 8 week shoot. Anna Molyneaux – Line Producer and Geoffrey Hall ACS – DP. Crew on board so far: Brad Lanyon – 1st AD Block 2, Erica Brien – Art Director, Ben Crabtree – Buyer Dresser, David Wilkinson – Buyer Dresser, Amy Baker – Set Decorator,  Graeme Shelton – Gaffer, John Smith – Grip, Carly Maple – Production Coordinator, Olivia Iacobelli – Costume Supervisor.

Next week is a very busy week with a couple of small TVC’s, a very large TVC shooting and part of a feature from Sydney shooting at Coober Pedy.

Travelling to Coober Pedy are: Sarah Abbey – Location Manager, , Josh Jaeger – Unit Manager, Rebecca Knott – Nurse, Caitlin Hall – Script Supervisor. Hoping a few more crew might be going as well.

Working for Exit Films are: SarahAbbey – Location Manager, Julie Lewington – Locations Assist, John Smith – Grip, Graeme Shelton – Gaffer, Steve Russell – Unit Manager, Will Sheridan – Sound Recordist, Maxx Corkindale -  Camera Operator, Mark Cowley – 1st AC, Jen Bichard -Safety Officer/Nurse,  Ben Crabtree – Buyer/Dresser, Geoff Tarr – Standby Props, Rick Lewington – Art Department Runner, James Dubay – 2nd AD, DavidTang – Data Wrangler,  Monique Crabtree – Food Stylist

NEW to Adelaide Crew list

David Tang – Camera Assistant/Data Wrangler.  David has a very impressive CV with experience across features, shorts, web, music videos and TVC’s and worked with most cameras including RED Epic & Scarlet, Alexa and a range of Sony and Canon, drawing on his experience working at a rental house.  David has Focus credits on dramas – Crew Cut, Dirt Girls, River Water as well as loads of music videos and as 2nd AC on Wastelander Panda and numerous TVC’s. David also shoots web content and corporates.

Rodney Bolton – Director of Photography/Camera Operator. I would like to welcome Rodney back on to my books and he has been busy lately as DP on music videos for Susan Lily “Here on the Road”  & Tall Enough to See “ Alright, Okay”, short films and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)  DP & Operator for Penfolds/Dan Murphys and Mutitjulu Respite Centre,@ Uluru. Below are some great shots of Rodney with singer Susan Lily shooting from a Corvette Stingray and working with an Arri Alexa:

Rod shooting music vid with Susan LilyRod camera operates from Octa- Quad UAV resized



Sharon Kerrigan has taken up a fulltime position as Producer for Logic Films. We will miss her on the freelance jobs around town but wish her all the very best in her new position and I am sure many of the crew will get to work with her at Logic.

Bayley Broome Peake – B/2nd Camera Operator & Will Sheridan – Sound Recordist have been working on the new series of Poh & Co. for the past couple of months and should wrap early October.

The always busy Barbara Gibbs is in Sydney working as Line Producer on Hacksaw Ridge –  Mel Gibson’s new feature film. Shooting commences on 21st September for 12 weeks in Sydney and NSW.  “HACKSAW RIDGE is the inspirational true story of conscientious objector and WWII Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss.  Deeply patriotic, Doss believed that despite the War being just, killing remained wrong and enlisted as a medic so that he could save lives, not take them. Overcoming abuse from his fellow soldiers and a court-martial, Doss became the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon. At Okinawa, the bloodiest battle of WWII, Doss is credited with single-handedly saving the lives of 75 men.  Alone on the battlefield after his platoon was forced to retreat, Doss braved fire while tending to and evacuating the wounded GI’s.  For his heroic efforts, Doss became the first conscientious objector to be cited with America’s highest award, the Medal of Honor.” 

Jen Drake is still in Malaysia on season 2 of Marco Polo as Senior Buyer/Dresser working out of Pinewood Studios with shoot starting this month. Jen has been busy jetting around Asia on buying trips.

Mariot Kerr – Costume Designer is working on a FOXTEL  series , a political thriller called Secret City starring Anna Torv, Dan Wylie and Jacki Weaver. Filming for 2 weeks in Canberra  - where it was -3o this morning but Mariot is still smiling! Filming then moves to Sydney for 5 weeks.

 Mariot in Canberra (768x1024)
Andy Stankovich is in Laos on a two week pilot shooting for a series on UXO’s- Unexploded Ordinance clearance. Andy says “ It’s the left over bombs and cluster munitions from the secret war in Laos during the Vietnam conflict. Over a 100 people a year are killed just doing daily chores that we take for granted. The series will cover UXO clearance, stories of survival after accidental explosions and further education to kids. Sean Perry, ex Adelaide news camera op is second unit and we are shooting on the Sony FS7 camera supplied by Daniel Charlton at Pro AV.” Photos from the Cope Centre in Laos. Andy say “War is Hell”

Cope Centre LaosBomb in Cope Centre Laos

Maxx Corkindale was shooting a Corephysio TVC for MyAdd Advertising when a friendly cat came to help Victoria Cocks out with the lenses.


And lastly – a bit of blatant self promotion for me, Julie Lewington: I had a lovely trip to Port Pirie last week for a 4 day shoot on a new campaign that I cast and produced, designed to raise awareness in the community on reducing the lead levels in young children. This is continuing on from the TenBy10 campaign that I have been involved with since 2008 with Director Rowan Smith from Tasmania.  As always the people of Port Pirie were warm and welcoming and I unearthed some wonderful talent – parents, parents to be, grandparents and of course lots of great kids from 0 to 5 years. Lots of fun on set wrangling young children and getting the smiles and laughs.Julie in ToyworldJulie on set




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